26 avril 2018

BROTHERS WE STAND installation

Cette semaine est Fashion Revolution Week, une campagne annuelle organisée pour galvaniser l' action autour de l'anniversaire de la catastrophe de l'usine Rana Plaza. Nous avons créé ce peint à la main installation t-shirt pour célébrer les personnes qui font de nos BROTHERS WE STAND logo t-shirts. Il s'agit de l'une des femmes qui travaillent dans l'usine où nos t-shirts sont coupés et cousus. 

J'ai fait tes vêtements.

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19 avril 2018


Il y a plus de 1000 événement événements dans tout le monde entier. suivant pour SEMAINE DE REVOLUTION DE MODE.

BROTHERS WE STAND sera au London Sustainable Fashion Rooms avec une installation à propos de l'histoire de la chaîne d'approvisionnement de notre t-shirts . Nous aimerions vous y voir et bavarder avec vous ce à propos de que nous sommes jusqu'à et notre vision pour BROTHERS WE STAND... 

Dates : Lun 23 avril - Dim 29 avril
(Lundi 15h-20h, mar-ven 11h-20h, sam 10h-18h, dim 11h-16h) 

Position: The Old Truman Brewery, Boutique 4 (opposé Rough Trade), Dray Walk, Londres, E1 6QL

Il y aura une série d' événement et discussions en soirée que vous pouvez vous inscrire Pour ici.  

19 avril 2018

Short de bain recyclé

boutique le short Gull japonais par Riz, fabriqué de partir de bouteilles d'eau recyclées. 

boutique Les choix éthiques d'avril

Photographie: Sam Christmas

15 avril 2018

Superposition de printemps

Avril est Tout à propos de superposition. 

Chino en coton bio, sweat bio et veste de pluie en plastique recyclé. 

boutique le regard

Photo: Un de nos looks préférés de Knowlege Cotton Apparels SS18. 

April 07, 2018

Geometric Grid Tee By Loïc Schwaller

Brothers We Stand: Who are you? What is your story? How did you get into design?

Loïc Schwaller: I'm 28 years old, I'm French and I live in Amsterdam. My formation is in mathematics, but I've always been interested in graphic design and arts in general. For about a year or so, I've been teaching myself how to screen print. I really loved it from the beginning and started printing loads of t-shirts. Last September I created 'loackme' to sell them so that I would not drown in clothing.

BWS: What inspired the Geometric Grid print?

LS: The initial design ofGeometric Grid was realised with tape directly on the screen. I tried to think as little as possible and just let each cell of the grid design itself under my hands. It was really a spur-of-the-moment process inspired by my love for simple geometric shapes.

BWS: Where do you do the designing and screenprinting? What equipment do you use?

LS: The whole process happens in my apartment. I usually use my laptop to create the design, laying on the coach or sitting at my desk. Once I’m satisfied with a design, I transform my bathroom into a dark room to put it on a screen with a homemade exposure unit. For the actual printing, it involves going back and forth between the workshop I’ve set up in the spare bedroom and the bathroom to clean up the screens and the tools. I use a printing press that I’ve made out of wood with my partner.

'The printing involves going back and forth between the workshop I’ve set up in the spare bedroom and the bathroom to clean up the screens and the tools.'

BWS: Why did you choose to use organic cotton and water based inks?

LS: I choose to print in an environment-friendly and organic way because it was important for me. I think that as soon as you manufacture a product, you have a responsibility to do it in a way that does not damage the environment and with respect for all the people involved in the process.

BWS: How would you like your t-shirts to make people feel?

LS: I guess I would like my t-shirts to make people feel like themselves. T-shirts are very personal pieces of clothing and are often used to make unspoken statements. I would be deeply satisfied if people can express who they are through my t-shirts because I definitely put a lot of myself in these designs. And of course, I hope they also feel stylish while doing so!

Shop Loïc's Geometric Grid t-shirt

April 07, 2018


Layer up and stay dry with a rain jacket made of recycled plastic water bottles. 

Shop April's organic, recycled and ethical picks

March 28, 2018

Instax timelapse

Timelapse of a developing Instax photo of the Organic Geometric Grid T-shirt.

Photography by t-shirt designer Loïc Schwaller. 

March 24, 2018

The overnight bag

Going away for the weekend? The Elvis & Kresse Overnight bag is made from genuine decommissioned fire-hose. Pack it full with your wash kit, change of clothes, pair of running trainers, a book, keys, wallet, phone etc.

Shop the bag and read the full product footprint at ici

Photo by Leonie Sinden

March 21, 2018

Making Everyday Ethical Choices Easier

“Although we generally have the best intentions to make ethical decisions when shopping, at times it can be a tough task to sift out the truth from all the fair fashion bandwagoning and 'greenwashing'. That's where Brothers We Stand (BWS) comes in. This mens clothing site does the rigourous research for you and creates a footprint tab for each item, detailing the social and environmental impact of its supply chain.” Thanks tbd* for the great write up.

March 13, 2018

Brother: Xuan Sinden

Multi-media artist Xuan Sinden wears recycled denim jeans by Mud.

Le Relax Fred has been washed using ozone treatment. In this process oxygen (o2) is converted into ozone gas (o3) and the ozone gas is used to fade the jeans. The ozone gas is then converted back into oxygen and released into the atmosphere. The process uses considerably less energy and water than traditional washing techniques and avoids the need for harmful chemicals to be used.

Photo by Leonie Sinden. 


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