We're excited to share that Jollie's organic socks are live on Brothers We Stand. For every pair of socks you buy Jollie's will donate a pair to a local homeless shelter.

Founder, Ed, started Jollie's after becoming increasingly uneasy about walking past people sleeping rough and not knowing what to do. After volunteering at a local Shelter and chatting to some of the visitors Ed identified a lack of fresh socks as a need he could help meet. 

Fresh socks might not seem like a life-changer but for those walking the streets day and night foot health is essential. Unlike other items of clothing, socks are rarely donated to homeless shelters and fly out the minute they’re given.

Local Shelters responded immediately to the idea of receiving boxes of good quality socks and so Ed came up with the idea for a sock brand that gave away sustainable sock donations of each pair of socks sold. 

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