Nouveau Étiquette Re:Sustain

Nous sommes ravis de partager re:sustainLa première collection, cCombiner des coupes uniques avec des tissus durables de haute qualité. Le Étiquette basé à Londres apporte une nouvelle esthétique à la scène masculine durable. 

Les partenaires fondateurs Prama Bhardwaj et Matt Peters apportent de nombreuses années d'expérience dans la fabrication de vêtements et cela se voit dans la qualité de leur construction de vêtements. Ce sont des pièces bien faites avec une belle sensation de main.

Prama Bhardwaj founded sourcing company Mantis World in 1999 and has supplied key retailers such as Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Urban Outfitters amongst many others. Long before sustainability was in vogue, Bhardwaj has been a vocal advocate of sustainable practices and she sits on the board of NGO’s Ethical Fashion Forum and Textile Exchange.  

Matt Peters also comes from a garment sourcing background. Much of his work has been in the music industry and he has helped iconic bands such as Wu Tang Clan, Odd Future, Nirvana and Led Zeppelin find suppliers to produce their clothing merchandise.

On his motivation for joining forces with Bhardwaj to launch the brand Peters shares, “re.sustain was born of frustration. My background is manufacturing for brands and other clients. I came up with the idea to do a brand because I couldn’t convince some clients to add a sustainable angle to their brand or orders. Luxury brands with their huge margins could easily incorporate sustainability without any argument about costs. It’s appalling that they don’t."

The debut re:sustain collection is made with 100% organic cotton and you can shop it ici.  


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